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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

29 Party Snacks That Are Perfect For Halloween - 29 Món ăn nhẹ nhàng hoàn hảo cho bữa tiệc Halloween 2014

1. Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups with Oreo Full Moons

Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups with Oreo Full Moons

2. Deviled Egg “Eyeballs”

Deviled Egg "Eyeballs"

3. Monster Mucus

Monster Mucus

4. Pumpkin Cheese Balls

Pumpkin Cheese Balls

5. Shrimp Brain Cocktail

Shrimp Brain Cocktail

6. Guacamole From a Pumpkin

Guacamole From a Pumpkin

7. Spider Deviled Eggs

Spider Deviled Eggs

8. Tombstone Taco Dip

Tombstone Taco Dip

9. Halloween Coffin Dip

Halloween Coffin Dip

10. Tombstone Sandwiches

Tombstone Sandwiches

11. Meat Head

Meat Head

12. Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dogs

13. Big Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Big Pumpkin Cheese Ball

14. Spider Web Dip

Spider Web Dip

15. Frankenstein Appetizer

Frankenstein Appetizer

16. Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack O’Lanterns

Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack O'Lanterns

17. Mini Batty Cheese Balls

Mini Batty Cheese Balls

18. Frozen BOO-nana Pops

Frozen BOO-nana Pops

19. Cheese Witch’s Brooms

Cheese Witch's Brooms

20. Mini Donut Spiders

Mini Donut Spiders

21. Olive Spiders

Olive Spiders

22. Poison Toffee Apples

Poison Toffee Apples

23. Candy Corn Cheese Wedges

Candy Corn Cheese Wedges

24. Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

25. Witch Hat Appetizers

Witch Hat Appetizers

26. Fried Cheese Eyeballs

Fried Cheese Eyeballs

27. Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

28. Cheddar Witches’ Fingers

Cheddar Witches' Fingers

29. Cheese Eyeballs

Cheese Eyeballs
(nguồn buzzfeed.combuzzfeed.com)


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